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A Guide for Pastors, Volunteers and Church Media Professionals

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Enhance your learning with an included online training course!

Enroll in our included online training course!

Helping Your Church Live Stream 2.0 is a completely updated online training course designed for any volunteer or church media professional. This course helps bolster your church video production program’s “Champions” and help bring your church into the next generation of live streaming.

Take what your reading to the next level with an included training course designed specifically around the book! Join over 3,500 churches who are already taking this course

Learning units include:

  • Accepting digital donations
  • Live streaming industry overview
  • Working with volunteers
  • AV technology basics
  • A real life case study
  • Tuning your gear for the church
  • IP based video production basics

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Very insightful, very absorbing and interesting...

Charles Manella

Goes straight to the point, interesting and visually appealing Our church has 1 ptz optic camera and we are excited about the possibilities it allows our ministries.

Sheila Jones

This is a excellent course for someone who is considering church streaming because you answer the initial considerations to enable me to understand things I know and things I did not know that I needed to consider. Thanks!

Anthony Rhodes

It addresses topics in an understandable and complete way. The instructions so far are very common sense and informative.

Jerry Eades

Good stuff for beginners I like that he has not lost the himself on acutely showing the basics. He is making sure he is teaching!

Luis Martinez

The pace is great with clear explanations that have practical applications and provides good insights to what can be achieved in each step.

Paul Kossally

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